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Choerodon is an open source enterprise service platform based on container orchestration and management capabilities of Kubernetes. It integrates the tool chain of DevOps, microservices, and mobile application framework to help companies achieve scrum application delivery and automated operations management, and provide business components such as IoT, payment, data, smart insight, and enterprise application market to help companies focus on business and accelerate digital transformation.

Choerodon is based on the experience of many large-scale enterprise application practices, combining the best ideas and practices of the community.

Hybrid Cloud Container Platform

Container technologies,container orchestration and management capabilities provided by Kubernetes seamlessly blend enterprise-owned and public cloud infrastructures, allowing hybrid cloud platforms to scale and extend. And in the event of any partial damage or defects, the capability of self-repairing quick response is performed at the time of the machine to ensure that the application system has the ability to provide stable and efficient services.

The integration of development and operation

With DevOps as the concept, combined with scrum software development practices, it effectively promotes communication, collaboration, and integration between development (application/software engineering), technical operations, and quality assurance (QA) personnel; at the same time, Continuous integration and continuous delivery increase the company’s response rate to the market and the quality of software delivery.

Microservice application architecture

Using Spring Cloud as a microservice architecture, the system module is split into multiple independent microservices to reduce the coupling of application modules. And then, using container orchestration and management tools, combined with best practices of DevOps, companies can use part of the application in a faster, more scrum manner to develop, deploy, and update, so that new market demands and competitive conditions can be made more timely and more flexibly.

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Product Features
Container runtime
Choerodon applications run on a modular, lightweight application container runtime where the applications can use the platform's service APIs according to the standard schema. In this way, companies can more easily build and run custom microservices applications, web front-end applications, general web applications, mobile applications, and Java libraries in the cloud
Continuous integration & continuous delivery
Using Gitlab CI as a continuous integration tool, combined with Gitlab's Gitflow branching model, provides a continuous integration pipeline that allows products to be rapidly iterated while maintaining high quality; and delivers new versions of the software to quality teams or users efficiently and frequently
Deploy pipeline
With Choerodon, you can seamlessly integrate native cloud applications into the architecture of business. You can connect key enterprise data and create customer-specific applications in a hybrid deployment environment, an on-premise environment, or a cloud environment. Then you can use the API to interact with customers and build relationships with new partners to expand new markets
Choerodon provides a set of monitoring tools to establish data collection and measurement at all stages of software delivery production, enabling the team to make the necessary improvements based on the bottlenecks in the delivery process. The monitoring mainly includes development metrics, logs, and microservice call chains
With Choerodon's microservice application architecture, and the lightweight, application-oriented virtualized operating environment and ideal carrier for microservices provided by containers, Kubernetes is used as a container orchestration tool to help companies build application services quickly and easily
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